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Video Routed Chat Platform Where Buyers Meet Sellers
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Our Story

During rise of covid in 2021, EventNetUSA had to closedown major experiential Medicare and Healthcare consumer outreach programs we had been conducting for Humana, BlueCross BlueShield along with hundreds of independent insurance agents across the country.

The challenge was to keep agents “in front” of consumers when customers didn’t want anyone in their homes, and agents didn’t want to go into their homes either!

The solution was to develop a platform where customers could “invite” agents safely into their homes by requesting video sales calls to meet face-to-face.

After months of research and testing, VidCalls was born.

Now expanding into the automobile dealership industry, travel, real estate, finance, service and ecommerce. VidCalls is hoping to become the icon for video customer communication.

Why waste dollars requesting response from ads when customers
A. Refuse to share identity
B. Wait for phone assistance or
C. Chat to connect?

New 1-Click DigitalConnect introduces customers to your agents on friendly face-to-face video call IN SECONDS

Engagement, CRM and Conversion with 1-click

The VidCalls Process

Empower your Team, Build Brand Loyalty with

VidCalls Enterprise Solution

Deliver an unforgettable customer journey.
The customer journey doesn’t end when the customer completes their purchase.

VidCall supports every touchpoint of the customer journey – sales, financing, troubleshooting and support — to deliver a personalized experience that builds brand loyalty.

what you get with

  • Licensed White Label Video Platform
  • Web based. No downloads. Easy customer clicks to connect!
  • Territorial Routing: National, State or Zip Code
  • Custom Agent Data/Reporting System
  • Client Admin Dashboard maintains 100% Program Control
  • Record Meetings
  • Screen Share & Co-browsing
  • Custom Screen Background
  • Login from anywhere (In-office or Remotely)
  • Invite Participants: coworkers or family members

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